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man, you've got your own style going on and I love, but it seems like you're a fan of oney or egoraptor type jokes which doesn't really work for your style(again which is awesome). just because they're funny else where try and stay away because the jokes in this cartoon were unpredictable in a bad way and fall flat. I feel like you can potentially make some better and even funnier stuff. but 5 stars great art and animation.

Anioco responds:

Thanks for being honest! I appreciate it.

because I 2 am ROBOT!!

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yeah I dig it man, i kid of wanna make a interstellar cartoon with it.

sumidiotdude responds:

Word! Thanks man!

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Man I hate this show, but you're a great artist.

its so mechanical I was waiting for steam to shoot out of her head like a train,

it's too fast, too much unnecessary movement, all on a lifeless character, shes hitting ROCK with a climbing pick, wheres the HIT?, and the effort of climbing, you gotta feel the character too. not just trace over mathematically tweened shapes.

so far everything I've seen you do is too much action in a short amount of time. you cant get a read on most of it, all you can pick up is that its a wondering blob of lines.

the only problem is that blobs have 3 dimensions.

WaldFlieger responds:

No tweening involved, all done by hand, with the exception of the object movement I used as reference. See above for more detailed response. Thanks for the comments.

Alright, I like it, But it felt off when I was looking at Darth. I figured out that you have a lot going on, things are moving at different speeds, which is great, but its too much action in too little time (its hard to read the animation comfortably and I almost missed the great subtle animation of his head), but if you wanted him to move that fast I think you should fix his silhouette, his arms are too close together with almost no movement of his shoulders.(which would help with the factor that he has a cape)..anyways its definitely fun to look at, that's just my advice. great job!

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