2015-07-16 06:47:55 by LoadCartoons

Hey newgrounds and other clowns, we have a kickstarter we're doing for a deck of playing cards that teaches you how to play the guitar. please show your support!

OH BOY OH BOY! we just got the sweetest email from our new pal @sharpnova , thanks man, i hope you make lots of new friends. 5178707_142898788861_ass.png

It's here!

2015-04-08 03:39:21 by LoadCartoons

Major league Boxing is here, prepare yourself for the ultimate "boxing" change

Major League Boxing!

2015-03-27 20:50:52 by LoadCartoons

howdy do! heres an image to our new game Major League Boxing! it's gonna be fun, be sure to check it out.5178707_142750383552_MLBcomingsoon.png


2015-02-19 23:08:55 by LoadCartoons

Well I guess there's a show on adultswim called Bagboy, but still we did ours first and its amazing, damn you john c reilly, you handsome devil, anyways check out my submittion to amazon we could use the support


yup thats me and bagboy...errr i mean John C reilly


2015-02-03 20:32:52 by LoadCartoons

Hey guys this is our submittion for the short The Bodacious Bag-Boy! we could really use the votes and support, and hopfully this could be turned into a show! thanks so much for readin'